Your individual electrification

A coordinated interaction:
electrical - magnetic - thermal - mechanical

PohlBock Industries. One of the leading providers of innovative and sustainable electrification solutions for numerous industrial applications. We are proud to offer our extensive expertise in the development of electric drive systems and to provide you with the highest quality drive trains on the market.

Our systems cover everything from drives and batteries to the overall control of your individual system with all components, communication possibilities and connections.


Our solutions start where others stop.

Our team of experts will accompany you from development to the first delivery of your drive system.


Sustainability and regionality are part of our company philosophy.

Which is why we have an incredible vertical range of manufacture in-house and together with trusted partners, which distinguish our products not only in quality but also in terms of availability.

Service and Sales

Competent and close to the customer.

Here we attach importance to the fact that you not only get a contact person, but one with whom you can communicate at eye level. Dealing responsibly with our customers is important to us.

Learn more during a personal conversation.

We help you to achieve your goals - with certainty we will find the best solution for your electrification!