Our products offer a flexible character that is the solution for your individual electrification needs.

Many elements are needed for implementation, which we can cover comprehensively with our products.


The axial flux motor is another core product of PohlBock. It forms the technology basis for our electric vehicles and industrial applications.

Specially developed for use in demanding environments, the motor provides a reliable and efficient solution.



Our innovative BMS is an essential component for the safe and efficient operation of lithium-ion batteries.

Through precise monitoring and control, the BMS provides maximum reliability and performance in electric vehicles and other high-performance applications.


The brain behind the efficient and responsive operation of our electric drive systems.

Our advanced controller controls the motor and ensures the best performance and safety.


Specialised in individual design and optimised for all requirements and conditions, battery systems are developed, designed and produced.

We offer comprehensive battery solutions ranging from smaller, portable systems to large-scale systems for industrial applications.